1. Quarter midget Schlauch race car! Could be yours!!! $800 #goodnovicecar @albster06 dream car!

  2. Smile everybody!!! #monetdreaming #monetsmiles #monetrebekah #littlestone #theadvantagesofhavingchildren #repost from @hannahce

  3. @albster06 giving my rims a last little bit of #elbowgrease #fiat #abarth

  4. Saying good bye to these two #jetset #babies #christopherjack #mikahgirl

  5. I think I got called this three times yesterday by @dawnellesarlo First time, #meninblack comes on pandora while we pull up to @creamvalley drive through custard stand and I rapped ‘two twists- in a cone- in a cup- with twix- uh-uh-the men in black🔊🎶🎶🎶 of course I turned the volume up and repeated the order when the girl look at me and said…whaaaat??? #dork

  6. 'Hello puppies' #mikahgirl says as she looks out the window…. The DRESS was given to her by @stecheam #imtwo #birthdaypresent

  7. Tess giving an approving glance when @stecheam told @albster06 he needed a shower after the 3 day canoe trip. #smellyboys #tessandcass #goldrentetrieverpuppies

  8. For the past two days I’ve been wondering how the heck a person gets hope? I’m mean… If you lose hope how do you get back? Then I was reading a post from @phacebook I have been following @rachelreinertstudio his artist wife, about when he was in the hospital sick and the feelings he’s had. It was an answer…. It came so clearly…. Hope comes from love. And if you can love you can hope. That’s why loving is so important. And if your still feeling prickly about love then you can pray and ask for love. Love comes from God. God is love, and He loves to bless us with and shower us with, and fill us up with love. Because, He knows if we can love then we can hope. And he doesn’t ever want us to lose hope. So find someone to love, and love love love today! #gethappycards @homevestures #love #hope #heavenlyfather

  9. The Sisters, by Federico Andreotti #homevesturesmorninginspiration #thesisters @federicoandreotti #emphasis

  10. The best part about frozen peaches and nectarines is they are just as satisfying as a scoop of ice cream midday or late at night. Since peaches are so abundant right now you can freeze them with the skin on if they start ripening faster than you can eat them! We always buy ours from local farmers and get 20lbs at a time. Eat what we can and freeze the rest! #jerseypeaches #peaches #nectarines big shout out to @amberauthor @the5thhobbit and #sandyjohnson